I am a geeky mommy.  I grew up when computers were not really staples of the household but I still absolutely loved them.  My first Apple ran off a big 5.25″ disk and I didn’t care.  Then came the PC world and that was even more exciting.  Today, I have a lot of computers and a lot of gadgets.  It’s what I do as a geek.

The geeky mommy syndrome continued when I decided to graduate college with a major in computer science.  The stuff I did then doesn’t even equate with the potential for what you can find online now.  It’s also what I do as a geek.

But I recently became a mommy, and I realized that it would be a great idea to “marry” my two favorite things – geekiness and mommyisms.  That’s how Geeky Mommy was born.  Enjoy seeing what tickles my fancy, and be sure to read my disclosure policy to understand a little more about how these reviews work.

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