Canon SD1200 IS Review: Best Camera for Kids Photos

Best Camera to Buy: Canon SD1200 IS

Canon Powershot SD1200 IS Camera

I’m a mommy who loves taking pictures of my son. But what are the best cameras for kids photos? I would recommend that for taking pictures of your children, you look for the best possible camera with the biggest bang for your buck. If you are looking for a point-and-shoot camera, you can’t go wrong with the Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS, and here’s why:

  • The camera itself has 10 megapixels, which means that you can print out poster-size images of your child.  Better yet, you can use an image program like Irfanview to edit the photos and only feature the best parts of the photo.  Irfanview is a Windows program that is really easy to use for photo editing kids photos.
  • It is pocket sized!  If you have ever worked with the Canon breed of digital cameras, you’ll know how thin it is.  The Canon Powershot SD1200IS is everything you’d want it to be — easy to stow away (but also easy to lose) — and more.
  • The SD1200 is a model name for the Canon digital camera.  But the “IS” stands for image stabilization.  This means that the camera compensates for fast jerky movements by stabilizing the image within the camera body, making the resulting image high quality.  Ever take a picture of your child while moving, or on a moving vehicle on perhaps a speed bump during a family trip?  This is why this is a great camera for kids and perhaps overall.

I’m a big fan of this camera, and I think you won’t be disappointed.  Plus, Canon is a reputable brand and they have a stellar record of fixing broken cameras, even when the camera is outside of its warranty.   Once you buy this, you won’t go back to another camera make, unless you try a Nikon DSLR. 🙂

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rach March 28, 2010 at 8:11 pm

thanks for this review. I’m ordering this camera right now actually. Your review sealed the deal. Looking forward to taking pictures of my baby goose!

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