Medela Symphony Review

The Medela Symphony is a hospital grade breast pump with a 2-phase expression. You can pump both breasts at once and it is intended to simulate the baby’s sucking while feeding. (It obviously cannot imitate a baby entirely but it comes rather close from my experience with a lactation consultant.) The “2 phase expression” means that it simulates what a baby would be doing while he or she is sucking at the breast. Normally the first two minutes are very rapid sucking while the baby tries to create “let down,” or to cause your milk to “release” itself into your baby’s mouth. The second phase is known as “expression mode” which is the mode that simulates slow deep sucking for maximum flow of milk in a reduced amount of time.

Medela Symphony Hospital Grade Breast Pump

Medela Symphony Hospital Grade Breast Pump

My Medela Symphony Review

The Medela Symphony offers supreme power for a reasonable cost. My son was born preterm so I had to use a breast pump that was more powerful, especially as he was unable to feed from the breast. I like the features and its easy-to-use interface. Further, I love the fact that while this might be costly (after all, it is a hospital grade breast pump), it’s one of those breast pumps that does not risk contamination, which means that I can sell this in the future once I am finished using it.

I use this hospital grade breast pump alongside the Easy Expressions Bustier which is an incredibly awesome nursing bra for mothers like me who type all the time and who works out of her home while taking care of her baby. I love both things so very much. The nursing bra is a lifesaver, and the Medela Symphony showed me that I had hope as a mother and could produce milk for my son after all. It’s rather heavy but it could be transported to and from work if desired and if needed. It’s also one of the most robust products I’ve ever encountered.

You can get a Medela Symphony for a discount here.

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